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 I am the proud chick from Charny – think the 1980s; V8 Commodore's and beat up Datsun's, footy shorts, mullets and flannelette shirts and hanging out at the Charny shops in desert boots and black jeans. 
School was Flynn Primary and Charnwood High, but school didn't interest me much – I wanted to earn money and get on with life. 
Sewing and cooking were my high school fortes – I was a 'Suzy Homemaker” and my Year 10 sewing project was my hot pink taffeta formal dress. 

When it comes to politics, this chick from Charny does not fit the mould.  I may have smashed the mould, which I think would be a good thing. 
Not for me any union official background, blooding as a political staffer or raging and recruiting in the Young Liberal or Labor movement. 

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